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Why Belle Epoque?

Our collection is designed to present versatile choices for the uncompromising modern woman.
Today a well styled shirt may need to offer that crisp look for the day time professional or career person while at the same time presenting a stylish option that runs into the evening.
Whatever the time or occasion Belle Époque intends to provide you with the right choices to let you look and feel your best.


Letter from the Founder

I'm always excited to meet my customers. They give the only true feedback that matters. So I try to set up encounters whenever I can! A frequently asked question is:
who do I visualise as the Belle Époque woman?
Well I'd say she's like any of us. She is bold and takes chances. Mostly she knows what she needs to keep experimenting because she is adventurous. She has developed a style that comes from not being afraid to make mistakes while being an opportunist in going for something totally unexpected that she just knows will work.
You may feel that some or all of this speaks about you as an individual. Do take a look at the Belle Époque styles and email me with any thoughts or ideas that you may have. I'd love to hear from you.

Kristina Rate, Founder & Creative Director


Honest Luxury

When you invest in your wardrobe, you expect it to perform. That is why we take luxury seriously. From working with finest Italian fabric mills to skilled workmanship that goes into each piece we have worked tirelessly to ensure we deliver a high quality collection ‘made in the UK’.



Confidence comes from the way you look and feel; an expression of how you choose to live your life. We founded BELLE EPOQUE to meet the needs of the BELLE EPOQUE woman: the fashion conscious, style – aware woman who knows and feels the difference between merely good fabrics and the finest materials. We also believe in sustainable fashion, selling beautiful clothing that can be worn season after season.