English singer/songwriter, Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde, known as Birdy, is just 17 years old but already well establishing herself within the music scene. This is mainly due to her collaborations with famous artists (such as cofounder of Mumford and Sons Ben Lovett on her song ‘No Angels’), fantastic covers and clever style. Birdy is from a very artistic family; her mother a classically trained pianist, her father a writer and uncle an actor, you could say that a love of the arts and a career in the music industry was inevitable for this young talented woman.





She says of her upbringing that a balance of nature and nurture has led her to where she is now. Born and raised on the edge of the New Forest with a wide family who cherished the importance of music, meant that a passion for music was unavoidable and a career in the industry was very much on the cards.


At just 13, Birdy was signed to a publishing deal due to her victory in an Open Mic UK television competition. Although now a highly credible artist in her own right, some of her more widely reached songs have been covers with the most notable being her take on Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ - this was also the cover which led the start to a new recording contract where her debut LP was released in 2011 featuring songs from artists like Phoenix and The National.


Last year the UK was gifted with the album ‘Fire Within’ which features a range of collaborations, original materials and genres ranging from delicate piano ballads to glimmering pop/rock with a splash of buoyant folk in the midst. Birdy has a unique style, singing with elegance that suggests a soul of maturity whilst still projecting youth. Birdy is currently touring the US and has contributed three tracks for ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ soundtrack - a motion picture set to be huge, the soundtrack will be released this month.


Birdy is currently enjoying her tour of the US, supporting Christina Perri, and says highlights for her have been visiting Chicago which is where her Father grew up and somewhere she has heard many stories of throughout her childhood. When speaking of her influences, Birdy says that Tracy Chapman, Jeff Buckley and Paolo Nutini are all artists she holds in high esteem due to their talent and expressive lyrics. This is something that truly transpires through her own songs and is assisting the creation of a worldwide fan base.

If, at 17 young Birdy is this talented, then we must look forward to future offerings as she no doubt will continue to explore her music, growing and changing more as she develops her own niche.