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There are many people in the music industry who really never get the credit they deserve. Knowing their craft, studying and growing with it, and ensuring their music never stands still takes the dedication and care that many of the musicians and bands today would never have dreamed of. When it comes to dedication, Chris Snyder has it all, and then some!


The Harvard educated singer/songwriter, has musical pedigree. A classically trained violinist, he spent almost half a decade as the front man of The States, performing in many New York clubs.


In 2009, when the band went their separate ways, Snyder realised that he had become static, and that there had been no new songs within the previous 12 months. He set himself a goal to write every day for a year, and thus challenged himself to put his time, heart and soul into creating new, fresh music he could be proud of.  Posting all of these new songs online, seemed cathartic and Snyder ended up with an online musical journal of the year spent learning more about himself and his songs and thus improving his talent.


Citing influences such as Radiohead, and U2, he credits the former with inspiring him to create a mix of classical and rock, which is a sound he terms “choirboy indie-rock”


Revitalised by his project, Snyder got together with some friends and starting performing again and recording too. Somehow the record was picked up by Ooh La La Records who asked Snyder if he’d be interested in recording more. Now signed to a Brooklyn Label, he has started to produce sounds he’s extremely proud of, and his debut record to the label Yearling XL, promises to be a perfect representation of the time and effort it took to make.


We’ve talked about the sound, but when it comes to lyrics, Snyder doesn’t fall down there either. Getting inspiration from the written word is part and parcel of his holistic approach to his craft, and although he professes not to be a “natural” lyricist, his effort brings results that work well with the type of music he creates. He compares his approach to lyrics as similar to The National, and feels more confident in his work when his lyrics are specific to him.


So what’s next for Snyder? If the melancholic, raw lyrics of Weights are anything to go by, this Brooklyn based singer/songwriter will be around for a long time to come. 

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