Music has changed, practically unrecognisably since it began. We’ve had jazz, country, blues, pop and rock and roll with what’s considered ‘current’ being on a revolving conveyor belt. One thing that has always stayed up there though is the music of those artists who have a pure talent for producing original, heartfelt and catchy tunes. With Bedrooms ‘We all need something’ there will be nobody who isn’t nodding their head or tapping their feet in time to the catchy rift and easy to follow lyrics.



The video ‘We all need something’ was posted just a couple of months ago on global video sharing site, YouTube and already has had thousands of views. It has touched so many people that some of the comments are sure to show the artist he is going in the right direction; one fan writes ‘this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard’, whilst another says simply ‘Amazing’. Noah Kittinger says that reading the online reviews he receives gives him confidence that his music is actually reaching people and being enjoyed.


Nashville native, Noah Kittinger who is responsible for Bedroom, is one who interacts with fans and the media in a down to earth manner; making connections at festivals and communicating online. The band was originally formed in high school, now a live band that has produced many releases, some through Savannah’s own label, Furious Hooves. Kittinger developed Bedroom as an outlet for his creative flair of dream pop with a folk twist. The band are freshly back from a tour around the US, which hit Florida, Tennessee and Georgia gaining more fans and more experience for the band who are said to want to tour again soon.


Noah Kittinger is just seventeen and has formed the band from live recordings in his own bedroom - a method that has worked for many popular artists of today including the musical legend Kittinger’s dreamy guitar loops matched with heavy drowning filters makes for music which can be enjoyed by all, it’s not overpowering and not 100% in any genre meaning people with a love for all different styles can listen to Bedroom and appreciate it.


The star behind the music say’s he couldn’t imagine doing anything else but this and hopes the success of Bedroom is just something which will grow and grow; allowing for more creative flairs, tours and his main objective to ‘live the dream’. We’re pretty sure from our first experience of Bedrooms talents, that this band will run and run.