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Here are some of the most important core principles that we implemented at the outset of our business which shaped BELLE EPOQUE and a modern approach to business.

Craftsmanship and Manufacturing

Made in the UK

At an early stage we made a choice to have our production in the UK. Our factories are following legislation regarding minimum wage, working conditions, human rights etc. We also want to limit the amount of CO2 emissions, as transport to and from overseas. We are proud to work with highly specialized local craftsman drawn from a very small pool of artisans.

Materials and Design

BELLE EPOQUE is defined by style, ease and grace, the 'go-to' luxury shirts for any event and time of day.The collection is carefully designed and detail driven, developed using the finest Italian fabrics to fit with our customer's modern wardrobe. BELLE EPOQUE is not a fashion statement, it is a luxurious lifestyle choice.

Certified Suppliers and Transparence

We work only with certified suppliers. Through complete control of all production stages our suppliers guarantee the traceability of every metre of fabric, identifying the raw material with which it was made, where it was manufactured and tested. Our suppliers pay a great amount of attention to saving water, energy and chemicals, in order to reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes and classify materials according to the required standards. Certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for the absence of toxic substances in the raw materials, the semi-finished and finished products.

Environment Friendly

BELLE EPOQUE continuously works towards a cleaner and more environmentally friendly production process, in order to have the least negative consequences for the environment. We work with suppliers and subcontractors who choose the most environmentally friendly goods, raw materials, methods and/or technology applicable in all their operations.